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It is month claiming time! This will be at least a 13-month calendar, but if more months are needed, I can go ahead and tack them on. Just keep in mind that, after the initial 12 months, you should take additional months in order (for example, if we have 13 months claimed, you need to claim february and not june or something similar.

Just drop a comment with the month you claim and the character or characters featured in that month.

January - tazzims Nathaniel Adam
February - ladytalon1 Tora Olafsdotter
March - iambickilometer Oberon
April - poisonivory J'onn J'onnz
May - cjjoughin Gavril Ivanovich
June - bwhahahabeck Beatriz DeCosta
July - idiosyn General Glory and Karen Starr
August - insomniac_draws The Dibnys
September - ladytalon1 Guy Gardner
October - quark101 L-Ron and Skeets
November - axolotl_lan Dimitri Pushkin and Blue Jay
December - supergabbie Max Lord

January - commodore_sd Buddy Baker
February - jcho The Frees
March - the42towels Silver Sorceress
April -

Once again, here's a list of characters that are taken. I'm going to say that you can keep claiming characters for as long as you like, so long as you're able to make the December 1st deadline.

Beatriz DeCosta bwhahahabeck
Tora Olafsdotter ladytalon1
Guy Gardner ladytalon1
Max Lord supergabbie
L-Ron quark101
Ralph and Sue Dibny insomniac_draws
Wally West schwarby
Scott and Barda Free jcho
Gavril Ivanovich cjjoughin
Dimitri Pushkin axolotl_lan
Blue Jay axolotl_lan
Nathaniel Adam tazzims
J'onn J'onnz poisonivory
Buddy Baker commodore_sd
Karen Starr idiosyn
General Glory idiosyn
Oberon iambickilometer
Silver Sorceress the42towels

Still Available
Jaime Reyes
Rex Mason
Kimiyo Hoshi
Vivian/Constance D'Aramis
Catherine Cobert
The Injustice League

(still waiting on word from insomniac_draws and jcho)
Ted Kord
Booster Gold

And, just as a friendly reminder for everyone involved...

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your file as a .tif, .gif or .jpg file, the size set to 1600x1200 pixels, 72 dpi and in RGB. If you're not certain how to set up your file, let me know and I can make a template for you. I will also be placing the calendar grid as well as artist credit, so please have your file name set up as month_artist.

Submissions as well as any questions can be sent to ajremix (at) gmail (dot) com, or you can just leave a comment on this post (i have email notification). Submissions should be turned in by December 1st. If there are issues with the deadline time (real life, it happens), please email me as soon as you can. The calendar itself should be available by January 1st in a variety of wallpaper sizes (800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200).

If there's anything else I may be missing or left unanswered, let me know!
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