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More Calendar Stuffage!

Okay, update on the calendar thing!

So far your future monthly pin-ups are as follows!

Beatriz DeCosta bwhahahabeck
Tora Olafsdotter ladytalon1
Guy Gardner ladytalon1
Max Lord supergabbie
L-Ron quark101
Ralph and Sue Dibny insomniac_draws
Wally West schwarby
Scott and Barda Free jcho
Gavril Ivanovich cjjoughin
Dimitri Pushkin axolotl_lan
Blue Jay axolotl_lan
Nathaniel Adam tazzims
J'onn J'onnz poisonivory

So for current project artist and people who are still pondering joining up, this is your last chance to pick up a character to do, so if you want someone else, drop a comment!

Those still available are:

Ted Kord
Booster Gold
Karen Starr
Buddy Baker
Rex Mason
Kimiyo Hoshi
Vivian/Constance D'Aramis
Silver Sorceress
Catherine Cobert
General Glory
The Injustice League
Power Girl's cat/General Glory's dog

I'll essentially be taking whoever is left over and I'm none too picky about that. Therefore this post is also a vote for whoever you want to see in the calendar that hasn't already been claimed. The character count will ultimately depend on how many I'll end up doing, but I'll probably take the top three to five (class schedule depending) most voted characters.

There will, in short order, be a post in which people can claim their months as well as art formatting guidelines (btw, if anyone has suggestions for the guidelines, feel free to let me know, otherwise i'd just go with a generic wallpaper size).
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