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So on the /coq/ board there's some interest (well... if three people constitutes an 'interest') in doing a JLI-themes pin-up type calendar similar to the one the flash_rogues are doing. If there are any artists interested in jumping in for a month or however many, feel free to put in a line! Also, because the JLI is a much larger cast than the Rogues, we should figure out who should be featured (and who should be featured together).

To be extremely ghetto about the process, just go ahead and list who you want to see put in the calendar and, if you'd like, who you want to see featured in the same month or, if you're really ambitious, who you want to see in what month.

List of characters to choose from and if you know someone I missed, feel free to say so!

Ted Kord
Booster Gold
Beatriz DeCosta bwhahahabeck
Tora Olafsdotter ladytalon1
Guy Gardner ladytalon1
Max Lord supergabbie
L-Ron quark101
Ralph and Sue Dibny insomniac_draws
J'onn J'onnz
Wally West schwarby
Karen Star
Nathaniel Adam
Scott and Barda Free jcho
Dimitri Pushkin
Buddy Baker
Rex Mason
Kimiyo Hoshi
Vivian/Constance D'Aramis
Blue Jay
Silver Sorceress
Catherine Cobert
General Glory
Gavril Ivanovich cjjoughin

and, just for fun options:
The Injustice League
Power Girl's cat/General Glory's dog

If you couldn't tell, I'm playing this pretty loose as I've never attempted something like this before. But it's for entertainment so no pressure on anyone! Just some fun fanart that you can put as a desktop wallpaper or something^^
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